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News article5 April 20221 min read

Recent decision from the Dehli High court revives PPL application as a Copyright Society

PPL was the sole registered copyright society for public performance rights and broadcasting for sound recordings, until 2012, when the Copyright (Amendment) Act introduced new obligations for the management of copyright societies requiring that existing societies register again under the new process, in order to carry on their commercial activities.

In 2013 PPL applied again to register as a copyright society, the application ended up being rejected due to an administrative flaw. 

Such rejection was challenged before the Dehli High Court by PPL, which recently concluded that such application shall be revived, yet as it stands for now the status quo came back to how it was in 2013, leaving copyright owners and music licensing in India in a compromised spot, as in the current situation no organisation can currently license sound recordings on behalf of rights owners.



Publication date
5 April 2022