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News article6 February 20231 min read

Plagiarius Competition 2023 Has Announced The Prize Winners

Piracy of goods and brands is a billion-dollar industry. It has been established that there is an increasing number of extremely poor imitations being sold, which present serious safety hazards. Clearly, plagiarisms and counterfeits are neither a compliment nor harmless trivialities. Counterfeit goods seriously harm consumers and innovative manufacturers.

Aktion Plagiarius annually awards its anti-prize the "Plagiarius," since 1977, to producers and sellers who have been found guilty by a jury for creating or marketing "the most flagrant" copies. The intention is to expose the dishonest business methods of counterfeiters who steal intellectual property and misrepresent it as their own original work.

This year the jury has awarded three main prizes: “Modular wall shelf system” originally produced by Studio Hausen Jörg Höltje, “Club Superglass” series that combines the properties of glass with the advantages of plastic, and Mercedes-Benz Vehicle-Diagnosis systems (OBD) that are used for repair and maintenance.



Publication date
6 February 2023