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News article19 September 20221 min read

Paraguay extends its PPH PROSUR program for 5 years

The PPH Program has been extended for a period of five years between the member states of PROSUR (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, and Uruguay), including Paraguay.This system allows patent applicants in Paraguay, who have obtained a favorable decision at DINAPI Paraguay, to request to another PROSUR IP office to take into account the study carried out by the Paraguayan Office.

A PPH cooperation facilitates the collaboration of IP offices and enables a multilateral work-sharing agreement. Thanks to the PPH, a faster response would be obtained from said entities, reducing the duplication of efforts, time, and processing costs to study the same patent application.

Would you like to know more about the PPH PROSUR program with Paraguay?

To read more, please refer to IP Coster's website, or Marca Sur's website.


Publication date
19 September 2022