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News article1 December 20221 min read

Out Now: Your Guide to Intellectual Property Management in Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s key funding programme over seven years (2021–2027) for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion.

European IP Helpdesk team has recently published a new IP guide that aims to spotlight critical aspects and novelties related to Intellectual Property (IP) management in the context of collaborative research and innovation projects funded under Horizon Europe Framework Programme. Since the IP rules of Horizon Europe are built to a large extent on the regulations established by the previous Framework Programme “Horizon 2020”, this guide plays a complementary role to the existing guide “Your Guide to IP in Horizon 2020” that was published previously. However, it highlights the strategic novelties, including IP, and sheds light on the opportunities and challenges of collaborative IP management in Horizon Europe projects.

Moreover, readers of this guide are also encouraged to consult two additional complementary publications provided by the European IP Helpdesk: 1) the Bulletin on “Horizon Europe” featuring numerous strategic background pieces and expert articles, and 2) the guide “Successful Valorisation of Knowledge and Research Results in Horizon Europe”.

New IP Guide to IP Management in Horizon Europe is available on European IP Helpdesk website.



Publication date
1 December 2022