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News article30 January 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

Out Now: New Bulletin Issue on Open Science

Open Science, which emphasizes rapid and transparent sharing of knowledge and data in scientific processes, has been a longstanding policy focus of the European Commission and has been widely promoted. By ensuring that results generated and data produced in research and innovation endeavours are available to all stakeholders, including researchers, innovators, and the public, others can access and utilise them for their particular requirements. This fosters additional research, facilitates the discovery of innovative solutions, and enables the addressing of complex challenges.

Open Science, encompassing open access to scientific publications, research data management aligned with the FAIR principles, and the active involvement of society, alongside effective dissemination and utilisation of knowledge, has the capacity to enhance the quality, impact, and advantages of science. Additionally, it also has the potential to accelerate the advancement of knowledge by making it more reliable, efficient, accurate, more easily understood by society and responsive to societal challenges

European IP Helpdesk team recently published a new Bulletin issue that seeks to gather different expert perspectives and viewpoints on Open Science practices while spotlighting related intellectual property issues and questions.

The full issue can be downloadable here.



Publication date
30 January 2024
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency