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News article18 February 20231 min read

Out Now: Brand-New IP Special “Assignment of IP”

Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation can take different forms such as IP assignment, licensing or joint venture and spin-off. An IP assignment can be defined as transfer of ownership of an IP right, such as a patent, trade mark or copyright, from one party (the assignor) to another party (the assignee).

A new IP Special focusing on assignment of IP as well as highlighting the features of assignment agreements has just been published by the European IP Helpdesk team. Containing a fact sheet, an infographic and an IP Guide, this IP Special adds together the benefits, risks and the key elements of assignment of IP.

The new fact sheet provides an overview about the assignment agreements well as examples of business circumstances in which an assignment could be advantageous. Additionally, this fact sheet includes a checklist underlining the most crucial phases in assignment negotiation as well as a summary of the main clauses of an assignment agreement. As a complimentary element, an infographic summarizes the essential components of the assignment agreements. Furthermore, a comprehensive guide “IP and Contracts” explains the concept of assignment agreements and lists the differences from the other IP contracts.

New IP Special “Assignment of IP” can be found here.



Publication date
18 February 2023