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News article2 June 20211 min read

Nokia-Daimler patent dispute settled

The application of the latest technological innovations accross different sectors caused a number of legal disputes among the largest operators of the market.

Tech firms want automakers to pay royalties for technologies used in navigation systems, vehicle communications and self-driving cars, but the latter say their suppliers should pay instead, which could reduce the fees for patent holders.

Although harmonised among different opeartors, the disagreement initiated a legal dispute between Nokia and Daimler in German courts. A year after the initial dispute, both parties have come to an agreement that softened the tension between these two interlinked sectors.

"We welcome the settlement, from an economic point of view and because we avoid lengthy ... disputes," a Daimler spokeswoman said.

The agreement announced jointly on Tuesday marks the latest win for Nokia which in April struck a deal with China's Lenovo (0992.HK) under which the world's biggest PC maker would make a net balancing payment to the Finnish telecoms equipment maker and resolve all pending litigation.


Publication date
2 June 2021