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News blog12 May 2020Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises1 min read

Nintendo vs. Mario64 on PC / DIY and copyright strikes

Good morning everyone. We hope everyone is staying safe and things are evolving positively where you live. Today’s IP news:


Nintendo vs. Mario64 on PC

It was way back in 1996 when the Nintendo 64 launched “Super Mario 64” one of the best videogames (it might have been the first videogame some of our members played). Apparently, the love for the game has not worn out with the years (24 years…) and recently a fan-made version of the Super Mario 64 popped up to the delight of the fans, but to Nintendo’s greatest dismay. Nintendo has been taking actions, filing copyright takedown claims to have the links to this PC version taken down from all search engine and file-hosting sites where it was made available. Not only that, but Nintendo has also been targeting YouTube videos featuring the PC version and has successfully taken down some of the videos. Moral of the story: do not copy or share infringing content.


DIY and copyright strikes

Interesting news from Latin America. Everyone has used YouTube to find some sort of a DIY (from cutting your own hair during quarantine to the best recipe to bake homemade bread). However, YouTuber teaching viewers how to use pirate IPTV services might be taking the DIY too far and have to endure the consequences. This is what happened in Brazil to a Brazilian YouTuber who made the wrong decision when he published advice on how to obtain TV channels via pirate IPTV services. The Brazilian Pay TV Association (ABTA) took action and filed a copyright infringement claim against said YouTuber. After going through appeal, the Court of Justice of Sao Paulo found that the YouTuber did commit an infringement and should compensate ABTA for breaching its member’s right. This matter might go to the highest appellate court in Brazil, but the bottom line conclusion is the same: do not share infringing content and do not publish DIY on how to piracy.


This is all for this week! 


Publication date
12 May 2020
Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises