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News article21 June 20211 min read

New UK report on the value of intellectual property assets in the public sector

In their recent report "Getting smarter: a strategy for knowledge & innovation assets in the public sector" the UK Government addresses the rising importance of intangibles and latest IP-related developments in the public sector.

During the last decades, we have seen how the world's largest corporations transitioned from a tangible balance sheet, towards a new scenario where in 2018, the five largest companies accumulated 95 % of their value in intangible assets.

Asserting the value of such intangibles is no easy feat. Since the publication of a first report in 2018, which highlighted the need to properly exploit these assets from a public sector perspective, the UK Government has put a lot of efforts into unveiling the untapped value of intangible assets for the public sector.

You may access the full report here. Additional information on the subject can also be found in the "Draft guidance on knowledge assets in government".


Publication date
21 June 2021