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News article12 October 20221 min read

New Podcast Series From the European Innovation Council

European Innovation Council (EIC) has recently published the first episode of the new podcast series “The game changers: From radical idea to innovative business” that aims to unveil the inner workings of the EIC and how they support European small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. The series aims to shed light on how deep-tech start-ups move out of the lab and successfully make it to market.

In each episode, one of the EIC Programme Managers who have expertise on numerous industries including space, energy, health and quantum, will give insight into their experience scaling up European deep-tech.

Featuring Stela Tkatchova, EIC Programme Manager for Space Systems and Technologies, Lorenzo Tarabini Castellani and Gonzalo Sanchez Arriaga of EIC Pathfinder project, E.T. PACK, the first episode of the series focuses on eliminating space debris that is currently one of the biggest challenges facing the space industry.



Publication date
12 October 2022