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News article29 March 20221 min read

New Interactive Guide by 4iP Council and the European IP Helpdesk on the "4 Essentials of Trade Secrets"

A trade secret is a piece of information or know-how in the context of business or trade that has commercial value and is confidential. It is one of the tools protecting the ‘creations of the mind’ and enables companies, researchers and inventors to protect their economically valuable information to remain competitive.

Joining forces with the European IP Helpdesk team and other cooperation partners, the 4iP Council has developed a new interactive guide. The “4 Essentials of Trade Secrets” guide shares handy tips and gives valuable insights into what to know about trade secrets in four easy-to-understand steps.

The new guide is produced as an addition to the series of 4 Reasons 4 TrademarkCopyrightDesignsPatents, which are intended to help European businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially, understand the strategic value of intellectual property (IP). Furthermore, the guide sheds light on how to increase competitive advantages using both trade secrets and IP to protect the business.

Readers can find additional material in the 4SMEs section on the 4iP Council website.



Publication date
29 March 2022