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News article5 September 20221 min read

New Andean Community patent examination manual

Comunidad Andina (Andean Community) has just published the Andean Manual for Patent Examination. Regarding its content, this manual has taken into account the practices of the 4 national patent offices (that is: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia), and the rulings of the Court of Justice of the CAN, both on procedural and substantive aspects. 

This is a valuable guide for the technical examination of applications applied to patents in the Andean Community. It contributs to the harmonisation of the Andean IP offices, and also greater predictability in their resolutions. Both aspects enhance and facilitate the experience of patent examiners, innovators and users of the CAN system, in current technical areas and relevance such as: biotech, computer-implemented inventions (CII), and AI.

To read more in English, please refer to Marca Sur's website.

To read more in Spanish, please refer to either Comunidad Andina or the Lvcentinvs Blog.

Top access the full document in Spanish, please click here.


Publication date
5 September 2022