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News article25 January 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency

Minister of State for Electronics And IT: Next Generation of Indian Startups Will More Focus on IP-Based Devices


The upcoming wave of startups from India is anticipated to center around intellectual property-based devices and products. These startups will specialize in deeptech fields such as artificial intelligence, electronics, semiconductors, Web 3.0, and quantum computing, among others, where the primary focus will be on intellectual property (IP) rather than just market expansion and scalability. Chandrasekhar highlighted this during a press conference on National Startup Day. Additionally, government officials suggested that eligible startups may receive research and development support from global institutions with governmental assistance.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Information Technology is considering including explicit provisions in the upcoming amendment to the Information Technology rules to prohibit the distribution, uploading, or sharing of deep-fake content. This measure would be enacted if internet and social media intermediaries fail to adhere to advisories issued on the matter.



Publication date
25 January 2024
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency