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News article23 August 20211 min read

Mexican new National Customs Agency to enforce IP rights at the Mexican border

Mexico has just created a new autonomous customs body to coordinate with the armed forces in order to improve and preserve security at access points in the Mexican border.

The creation of the new agency and considering the international treaties undertaken by Mexico, gives hope that Customs may actually be granted the power to act without an injunction. This way, it will be able to secure and seize infringing goods violating IP rights. If such an Agency is to act ex officio and seize counterfeit goods without an injection, will be reveiled once we get the Internal Regulations of the National Customs Agency of Mexico.

Would you like to know more about how will this Agency function and how can your company benefit from it?

To read more, please refer to the WTR website.


Publication date
23 August 2021