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News article4 May 20221 min read

Introducing the Manual for Geographical Indications in Africa

Over the last 20 years, Geographical Indications (GIs) have emerged as a global phenomenon, generating growing interest among producers, consumers, scholars and policymakers.

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The experience of GIs in Africa shows that they deserve solid national and international protection and are a valuable development tool.

A comprehensive manual on GIs in Africa has been developed by several experts under the Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation project in Africa (AfrIPI). The main authors of this publication are Massimo Vittori, Managing Director of oriGIn, Luis Fernando Samper, International GI Expert, and Monique Bagal, International GI Expert within the AfrIPI project. It is now available online in English and French.

The first GI manual dedicated to the African continent is timely. It provides the reader with:

  • the current progress made on GIs in Africa regarding factors considered crucial internationally for a GI to be successful;
  • key issues to address to improve the performance of GIs in the continent.

The manual on GIs in Africa is a good starting point to help implement the Continental Strategy for Geographical Indications in Africa (2018-2023) and an equally important tool to grasp the lessons learnt in the continent and elsewhere. In addition, it helps find clearer answers to ensure African states fully benefit from the GI system.


Publication date
4 May 2022