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News article19 April 2021

Launch of EC's New "Horizon Results Platform TV"

The Horizon Results Platform TV (HRP TV) is a brand new feature complementary to the existing Horizon Results Platform. Aiming to support and inspire Horizon 2020 participants in their endeavours to bring their solutions to the market, HRP TV provides valuable insights on various questions related to the exploitation of research results such as how to approach stakeholders, how to manage  Intellectual Property and much more.

As the name suggests, the HRP TV is an audio-visual library of videos or podcasts of various forms. This audio-visual material comes in two main streams:

  • The experts say…’ with interview-videos or podcasts of experts sharing their specific knowledge and practical insights, tackling the innovators’ main challenges and needs.
  • ‘Get inspired!’ with testimonials from users of the HRP, highlighting their results and experience with the HRP, as well their personal stories on how they managed to overcome the hurdles to becoming successful entrepreneurs.  

For the launch, the European IP Helpdesk has joined forces with the HRP TV team to produce two interviews with Dr. Eugene Sweeney, Senior Advisor of the European IP Helpdesk, who shares some insights and tips on how to use IP to better valorise your research results, how to use IP to attract investors, and how project beneficiaries can benefit from the Helpdesk's services.

Watch the interviews here:

Episode 1: How to use Intellectual Property (IP) to valorise your research results

Episode 2: European IP Helpdesk - Supporting project teams tackling IP management



Publication date
19 April 2021