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News article15 February 20221 min read

IP4TEEN Creators – increasing youngsters’ awareness regarding IP in social media

Following the success of the IP4Teen project in 2019-2020, the IP4TEEN Creators initiative was launched last autumn to support young digital creators dealing with IP in their online activities.

IP4TEEN Creators is a project supported by the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and Ideas Powered and aims at boosting youngsters’ knowledge on how to benefit from IP in social media and how to make better use of third parties’ creations while respecting their IP rights.

To that end, IP4TEEN Creators is developing IP content and tutorials targeting young digital entrepreneurs, and focusing on four main thematic areas:

  • IP for youtubers
  • IP for instagrammers
  • Your name, your reputation, your trade mark
  • Living on the safe side of (social media) copyright

The project ends in September 2022 and content is currently available in Spanish only.

To find out more, visit the IP4TEEN website or follow IP4TEEN on Facebook and Instagram!


Publication date
15 February 2022