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News article10 September 2021

IP Vietnam extends deadline extensions in light of ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks, IP Vietnam issued Notice No. 8181/TB-SHTT (“Notice 8181”) on 9 September 2021 granting further deadline extensions for IP applicants. Under Notice 8181, all deadlines falling between 30 June and 31 October 2021 will automatically be extended to 30 November 2021. Notice 8181 follows Notice No. 7581/ TB-SHTT dated 2 August 2021 (“Notification 7581”) allowing for deadline extensions for all procedures falling between 30 June and 31 August 2021, which we discussed previously in our article  'Update: How Covid-19 has affected IP Vietnam’s practices and operations'.


Publication date
10 September 2021