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News article16 June 20221 min read

INPI Brazil and the EUIPO sign a MoU for cooperation

Cláudio Furtado, President of INPI, and Christian Archambeau, EUIPO's Executive Director, both met on May 31 to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for the following 4 years between the institutions. 

- On Behalf of EUIPO, Mr Archambeau stressed the importance of INPI to finalise the integration of Designclass and the Harmonised Database (HDB).

- The second phase of IP Key Latin America was discussed to carry out activities with INPI.

- The meeting also addressed the implementation of the new AL-INVEST project, which seeks to achieve greater use and effectiveness of IP rights, particularly in Mercosur countries, to boost research cooperation opportunities and stimulate competitiveness and innovation within a framework of sustainable development, including “green” innovation.

Would you like to read more on this new MoU?

To read more (in Portuguese), please refer to the INPI's website.


Publication date
16 June 2022