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News article11 August 20211 min read

India's position on IP and AI

Observing an exponential growth in the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields, India has recently published the Parliamentary Standing Committee Report.

The report considers to ‘revisit IPR legislations, and adapting its framework towards a stronger IPR system’ in order to ‘extract benefits from AI’.

The Report relies on different satellite studies and expert consultation stated that AI-related innovations might add USD 957 billion to the Indian economy by 2035.

The document looks at the bigger picture, yet remains timid when addressing actionable measures.

A point to highlight is that in contrast with the recent EPO Boards of Appeal decisions, on the authorship of AI systems developing novel inventions, India considers giving such robotic devices a certain degree of legal personality and, in fact, to be ultimately considered as "inventors".


Publication date
11 August 2021