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News article9 December 2021

India's Darjeeling "toy train" applies for trademark protection

Indian Railways has registered as intellectual property the historic signs of the so-called "toy train" of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The real-life train, which runs on a narrow gauge railway track, was declared a World Heritage site by Unesco in 1999.

Being visited by thousands of tourists each year, the transport company has decided to register the train's most iconic signs in order to extract value from the multiple products it generates. The public transport organisation decided to register the train's trade mark via WIPO's Madrid System, extending the protection of the sign in multiple markets arround the globe.

Such initiative shows how the Indian Government (and by extension Indian companies) is well aware of the value of protecting its intangible assets with intellectual property, and its commitment to untap the potential of all instruments available.



Publication date
9 December 2021