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News article16 February 20221 min read

Improving standard-essential patent framework: EC launches call for evidence

Patents provide incentives for parties active in research and development and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, whereas standards ensure the rapid diffusion of technologies and interoperability between products. Since most standards are based on patented technologies, licensing becomes key for the success of a standard. Hence, there are specific rules and practises that have been developed to ensure efficient licensing of patents which are essential for the standards.

The European Commission aims to set up a transparent, predictable and efficient system to achieve the balanced and fair licensing of standard-essential patents (SEPs). Now, a call for evidence has been launched for interested parties to provide their views and input to improve the current SEP system.

A public consultation has been published at the same to gather feedback on more specific questions related to SEP licensing.

The feedback and consultation tool will be open until 9 May 2022.



Publication date
16 February 2022