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News article25 May 20221 min read

IMPI Mexico joins the Latin America Network of IP and gender

IMPI Mexico has just joined the Latin America Network of IP and gender, a forum created in June 2021 to develop activities and promote the intellectual property at the regional level, with a gender perspective.

This network facilitates the exchange of good practices, stats, and experiences between the Offices to close the gender gap and empower women in the region concerning innovation and entrepreneurship.

So far, INPI (Argentina), INAPI (Chile), SIC (Colombia), SENADI (Ecuador), INDECOPI (Peru), ONAPI (Dominican Republic), DNPI (Uruguay), RNP (Costa Rica), SIC (Colombia), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, as an honorary member), and now IMPI (Mexico), are all members of this network.

To know more (in Spanish), please refer to INDECOPI's website.


Publication date
25 May 2022