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News blog20 May 20223 min read

How can young EU entrepreneurs benefit from Intellectual Property in Latin America? (IP DAY 2022)

Last April 26th was the World IP Day. WIPO, which organises the annual World IP Day has announced that this year’s theme will be “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future”. 


Previous events have covered the topics of “IP and SMEs”, and “Innovate for a Green Future” were the latest topics which were put in the spotlight the previous years on World IP Day.


If you are a young entrepreneur or just a humble content creator, and you would like to succeed in the region of Latin America, have a look to the following tips depending on the sector:


IP Protection online


As an internet user, you might be familiar with the importance of protecting your trade marks, copyright, trade secrets or domain names before doing business online.


Plenty of young EU entrepreneurs, like you, sell everyday their original products on the internet. Some are struggling to put their products in the online market, while some others make millions. Sometimes it takes a lucky chance, but in the majority of the cases it is a matter of having a good IP strategy before establishing your business in the market.


If you are about to begin selling your products online, or establish any kind of business online, check our factsheet “How to protect your IPR online” to protect your IPRs online and avoid others from infringing your intellectual property.

IP and the fashion sector


Did you know that only Panama (two years), Nicaragua and Guatemala (three years) grant protection to non-Registered Designs in a similar way to the European Union?


If your business is more fashion-based, be aware that this is an IP intensive sector. To sell your products in Latin America, don’t miss the chance beforehand to get a copy of our factsheet “IP in the fashion industry”.


Moreover, if you are a fashion enthusiast, don’t miss our beautiful infographic on the IP in the fashion industry.


IP for companies in the green tech sector


As a young entrepreneur, you might be thinking about changing the world in several ways, or maybe you already have an invention that might help countries in the fight against climate change. Countries in Latin America try to incentivize this kind of initiatives.

For instance, INPI (Brazilian Patent and Trade Mark Office), launched in 2012 its Green Patent Pilot Programme. The stimulus offered is a priority lane for patent requests classified as green technology. In case of a request for such fast-track, the term required for examination can be reduced to a maximum of two years. In order to qualify as green patent, at least one the following themes need to be involved: alternative energies, transportation, energy conservation, waste management, or sustainable agriculture.


IP for artists


If you are a musician, graphic designer, a youtuber, or all of them, check our blog post “Can I borrow your font” on graphic style, and copyright issues. In this article we provide you with tips to make the most out of the accessible bank of images, music, videos, and fonts that you can find on the internet for free.


IP for content creators


Check out the project IP4Teen Creators, which aims at increasing youngsters’ awareness regarding IP in social media, at boosting their knowledge on how to benefit from IP in social media and how to make better use of third parties’ creations while respecting their IP rights, and at enhancing knowledge about the use of IP as a means to leverage intangible assets for digital entrepreneurship.


The project has been creating (in Spanish) short contents in their social networks (Instagram, Facebook), tutorials in Youtube and live videos with influencers.


Latin America IP SME Helpdesk: a helping hand for startups and young entrepreneurs like you


If you are a young entrepreneur, and you would like to know more about Intellectual Property protection in any of the 19 countries in Latin America, do not miss the chance to contact us. Our services are totally for free!


Publication date
20 May 2022