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News article30 September 20221 min read

GII 2022: strong Venture Capital growth in Latin America

WIPO has just published its yearly Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022, now in its 15th Edition. This Index summarizes what is the current state of Innovation globally, ranking 132 countries. 

In accordance with the Index, the most innovative countries in Latin American countries are: Chile (50th), Brazil (54th), Mexico (58th), Colombia (63rd), Uruguay (64th), Peru (65th), Costa Rica (68th), or Argentina (69th). 

Brazil and Peru have performed above expectations regarding the innovative performance of their upper middle-income group. 

In accordance with the Index, Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa regions are experiencing the strongest Venture Capital growth. This means that in Latin America, SMEs are receiving more financing from investors due to having a long-term growth potential.

To read the full document, please refer to WIPO's website.


Publication date
30 September 2022