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News article13 December 2023European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

Geographical Indications for Craft and Industrial Products in the EU

Published on 27 October 2023, the new EU Regulation on geographical indication protection for craft and industrial products, marks a significant development in the protection of craft and industrial products. The regulation came into force on November 16, bringing new opportunities for producers in this sector. Similar to the GI system for agricultural products, producers will have the privilege of using the official "protected geographical indication" symbol, indicating compliance with the specific product's specifications. This allows for enhanced visibility of the product's geographical origin and production methods.

The regulation is particularly designed to benefit producers in rural areas and small and medium enterprises, providing incentives for investment in new products, fostering traditional skills, and attracting tourism.

The Regulation is designed to align with the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications. This international agreement, which came into force on February 26, 2020, following EU accession on November 26, 2019, facilitates the global registration of GIs, encompassing those for craft and industrial products. Through a streamlined process with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), EU producers can extend protection for their craft and industrial products to all other countries that are signatories to the agreement.




Publication date
13 December 2023
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency