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News article4 November 2022

The European Patent Academy Launches their New “Learning path for patent examiners from National Offices”

On 31 October, the European Patent Academy published a series of 48 booklets covering a wide range of topics in the patent registration and examination scene.

The content was developed by a team of experienced EPO patent examiners in cooperation with the Patent Academy and offers support from a beginner level to more advanced and technical aspects of patentability.

The kit looks into patentability requirements such as novelty, inventive step, clarity, unity of invention, sufficiency of disclosure, amendments, and search. In addition, part of the content digs deeper into specific IP aspects of sectors such as biotechnology, chemical inventions, or computer-implemented inventions.

The content was developed with great care and sees light as a great tool for patent examiners and students seeking more information and best practices according to the Guidelines for Examination in the EPO.



Publication date
4 November 2022