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News article7 September 20211 min read

European IP Helpdesk Supports EPO’s New High-Growth Technology Business Initiative as a Strategic Partner

High-growth technology businesses are key drivers of the European economy. Mostly consisting of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) including start-ups, they are major players in fostering innovation. Intellectual property (IP) management beyond protection plays a fundamental role in this.

The European Patent Office (EPO), in cooperation with the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), recently launched the High-growth Technology Business Initiative (HTB Initiative), which is supported by the European IP Helpdesk in a strategic partnership. The initiative originates from the success of the High-growth Technology Business Conference organised in Dublin in 2019 and aims to effectively support decision makers in technology-driven businesses in creating value. Geared mainly towards SMEs, the mission of the new initiative is to share how intellectual property can support growth across the different stages of technology-based business models. It addresses aspects such as developing a sound IP strategy, operational excellence, growth financing and how to successfully manage various strategic transactions.

Underlining the relevance of the HTB Initiative, Jörg Scherer, coordinator of the European IP Helpdesk, said: “The main goal of this initiative is to enable current and future innovators to make better use of their intellectual assets by overcoming barriers such as lack of knowledge about IP and commercialisation options. The European IP Helpdesk shares the initiative’s mission to enhance the visibility of intellectual property and its management, transfer and commercialisation, foster networking among interested parties, lower the entry barriers for start-ups and SMEs, and create favourable conditions, where applicable, for the protection, transfer and best use of technology. Hence, this increased cooperation will enable the European IP Helpdesk - in close cooperation with the EPO and LESI - to enhance the impact and reach of joint activities targeting highly innovative businesses and SMEs as well as their stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.”

Follow the dedicated Linkedln page to stay up-to-date on recent publications, upcoming events of the initiative, or to get in touch with the experts.

Moreover, the initiative hosts the "High-growth technology business forum" consisting of a series of three online events starting with a session dealing with "Licensing" on 30 September. Find out more on the dedicated event website.


Publication date
7 September 2021