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News article1 July 20221 min read

European IP Helpdesk, LESI and EPO Present Joint Special Issue of “les Nouvelles”

European IP Helpdesk Les Nouvelles Special Issue

The European IP Helpdesk team has joined forces with the Licensing Executive Society International (LESI) and the European Patent Office (EPO)  for a special issue of “les Nouvelles”, the official journal of the LESI.

The special issue looks at a number of successful technology transfer journeys demonstrating the importance of patents and other IP rights when translating research results into commercially successful products and services. Based on a new case study series jointly developed by the European Patent Office, the European Patent Academy and the European IP Helpdesk, the articles cover a range of economic sectors, countries and types of technology transfer. Each article uses case studies to illustrate how strategic IP management facilitates critical collaborations and technology transfer (from lab to market), helps boost the market success of spin-offs and start-ups, and advances the business of IP globally in tangible ways.

In addition, the European IP Helpdesk team contributed a piece specifically dealing with IP challenges and opportunities for SMEs in the context of EU-funded  collaborative research projects

With this joint publication, the European IP Helpdesk further strengthens its relations with two key stakeholders in the IP and innovation landscape specifically increasing the service’s outreach to the international technology transfer and licensing community through the cooperation with the LESI.  Moreover, it adds to the European IP Helpdesk’s previous joint efforts with the EPO – in publications and training activities – to focus discussion and the development of tools for SMEs on IP and commercialisation topics.

While access to the regular “les Nouvelles” issues is restricted to LES members, this special issue is being made freely available to the public. You may access the full issue (PDF) here.



Publication date
1 July 2022