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News article24 January 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

European IP Helpdesk Bulletin: Insights, Code of Practice on the Management of Intellectual Assets for Knowledge Valorisation

Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets in today's rapidly evolving world. Transforming intellectual assets into tangible benefits has become a top priority for research organisations and numerous other actors in the research and innovation (R&I) ecosystem, such as start-ups, SMEs, and industry. Knowledge valorisation is the procedure of generating value from knowledge assets. This involves connecting various areas and sectors and converting innovative ideas, data, expertise, and research results into practical applications, namely sustainable products, services, solutions and knowledge-based policies that benefit society in terms of economic prosperity, environmental benefits, societal progress and improved policy making.

The Code of Practice on the Management of Intellectual Assets for Knowledge Valorisation is designed to encourage and simplify the implementation of the Guiding Principles. Its goal is to enhance the utilisation of research results and accelerate the uptake of innovative technologies.

European IP Helpdesk team just released a new Bulletin Edition that explores European Commission’s motivation and rationale for the Guiding Principles and the Code of Practice cast a glance behind the scenes at the development of the Code of Practice through a Community of Practice and spotlight specific aspects while gathering expert voices who reflect and comment on these.

The new Bulletin issue is available here.



Publication date
24 January 2024
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency