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News article18 February 20221 min read

EUIPO's report: Trade mark-intensive industries lead the way in Latin America

The EUIPO has published a paper on the "Intellectual property right-intensive industries and economic performance in Latin American countries". The paper is a comparison of the results of five studies from IP Key (with th support of the Observatory’s Economics and Statistics Service) and IP offices in Latin American countries (Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay).

This study is paramount since it shows numbers that were before uncovered, such as the contribution of IPRs to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, wages and international trade in Latin America.

In this report, it is highlighted:

- the importance of IPRs in the region

- each country has significant contributions from different IPRs: design-intensive industries in Mexico; copyright-intensive industries in Argentina; patent-intensive industries in Peru and trade mark-intensive industries in Chile.

- the importance to exports of good of some IPR-intensive industries in Mexico, Peru and Chile

Would you like to know more about the main findings of this report?

To access the full document, please refer to the EUIPO's website.


Publication date
18 February 2022