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News article28 April 2023European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 2023: Turning Research into Solutions

Researchers and innovators came together for EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 2023 to share experiences, talk about current issues and trends, and showcase potential for valorisation to a wide variety of stakeholders.

The new European Codes of Practice on intellectual asset management and standardization were discussed in detail by practitioners as a way of providing guidance for daily operations.

The final day of the event mostly focused on intellectual assets management with the participation of the experts from the European IP Helpdesk, European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). In the corresponding training session “Facing Challenges: Navigating IP in Collaborative Innovation Processes" the coordinator of European IP Helpdesk, Jörg Scherer, presented the key IP challenges and strategies to manage the complexity of expectations and interests in collaborative innovation. He also addressed the Open Innovation concept and emphasized compatibilities between Open Science and IPR framework.

Additionally, he highlighted the services provided by the European IP Helpdesk as well as the International IP Helpdesks to support European SMEs who would like to enter international markets.

Full session is available here:



Publication date
28 April 2023
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency