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News article12 March 2021

EU Industries Days 2021: Green Transition in EU Industries

A roundup of the IP Helpdesk’s activities during this year's industry flagship events

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The EU Industry Days together with the EU Industry Week are Europe’s flagship annual events dedicated to its industry. As part of a wide range of stakeholders, the  IP Helpdesk has taken part this year to discuss industry challenges and policy responses. The regional IP Helpdesks from Europe, Latin America, South-East Asia and India as well as the EU-Japan Tech Transfer Helpdesk hosted several events, held a ‘Meet the expert’ virtual session and set up a joint information booth to answer IP-related questions.

Overall, the events focused on the main IP challenges in light of the European Green Deal, such as developing a comprehensive Intellectual Property strategy for SMEs in the cleantech sector and how to transfer and commercialise green technologies.

Now, the recording of the event “The European Green Deal: Are we ready? Main IP Challenges of the Green Deal” hosted by the IP Helpdesk on 1st March is available on YouTube. Watch the recording here.

In total, the virtual events during the EU Industry Days and the EU Industry Week 2021 brought together more than 350 participants from different sectors and organisations to learn about main IP challenges arising from the green transition.



Publication date
12 March 2021