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News article24 May 2023European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

EU Agri-Food Business Delegation in India

geographical indications

In line with the European Commission's participation at the SIAL India international fair with an European Union (EU) pavilion, EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski will be visiting India from December 6–12, 2023, alongside a business delegation of top representatives from the EU agri-food sector. The objective is the visit is to expand European agricultural food and beverage exports to India and facilitate their market presence there.

The Commission especially invites business representatives from the following industries: Geographical indication products, pork and poultry, chocolate, confectionery and bakery, dairy, wines, beer and spirits, olive oil and vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables, commodities such as grains, oilseeds and animal feed.

The Commissioner would like to include European and national producers’ organisations as well as businesses from all EU nations, in his business delegation. Preferably, these organisations and businesses have never before taken part in similar EU projects. The final selection of the business representatives will be based on product and geographical balance of the delegation. Providing market intelligence in the food and beverage industry, business-to-business interactions, retail activities, and site visits will be the main focus of the visit.

Interested applicants can register until 15 June 2023.