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News article25 July 2023European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

EPO Publishes: Unitary Patent Dashboard

unitary patent

The European Patent Office (EPO) has recently launched a dashboard that provides valuable insights into the adoption and popularity of the Unitary Patent system, which was introduced on 1 June 2023. The dashboard presents data on the leading sources of requests for unitary effect, as well as the classification of these patents across eight broad technology sectors.

The dashboard receives daily updates from the EPO's internal workflow which means that stakeholders can access real-time information on the number of requests for Unitary Patents, offering an immediate overview of applicants' interest in opting for this new patent system.

All in all, the dashboard enhances transparency and provides a data-driven perspective on the utilization of the Unitary Patent system. It serves as a valuable tool for analysing trends, evaluating the system's performance, and making informed decisions regarding patent protection in Europe.

Access the Unitary Patent Dashboard.



Publication date
25 July 2023
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency