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News article6 February 20231 min read

EPO Publishes: Patent Insight Reports Related to Quantum Technologies

European Patent Office (EPO) has just published the second patent insight report on quantum computing summarizing the results of patent analyses in the field of quantum technologies which were jointly carried out by subject-matter specialists and patent knowledge experts at the EPO.

The report provides an overview of important patent trends in the field of quantum computing and the following sub-sectors: “physical realisations of quantum computing”, “quantum error correction/mitigation”, and “quantum computing and artificial intelligence/machine learning”.

According to the key findings of the report, the number of inventions in the field of quantum computing multiplied over the last decade. The report also shows that the rate of innovation in quantum computing is higher than in all other areas of technology combined.

In the area of quantum computing, almost one in ten European patent applications has several patent applicants, indicating active collaboration between them. With a distinct focus on one area or continent, the patent applicants come from every continent.

The insight report is available here.



Publication date
6 February 2023