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News article30 September 20221 min read

EPO Published: National Measures Accompanying the Implementation of the Unitary Patent

The Unitary Patent system soon will enter into force and make it possible to get unitary effect for a European patent in 25 EU Member States by only one single application.

The European Patent Office (EPO) has just published a booklet that aims to provide users of the Unitary Patent with an overview of the most important provisions of the relevant national law in the Member States participating in the Unitary Patent scheme.

The booklet is modelled on the EPO's online publication "National law relating to the EPC", and it allows to retrieve the relevant information easily country by country. The summaries and the tables in the booklet have been prepared based on the information provided by the participating Member States and all the necessary updates will be done by the EPO according to the changes that occur at national level.

The HTML version of the publication is now available for online use and it is being regularly updated.



Publication date
30 September 2022