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News article26 November 2021

EPO pilot for oral proceedings by videoconference extended until May 2022

Given the downsides of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, in particular concerning travel restrictions and preventive health measures limiting the possibilities to attend oral proceedings on EPO premises, the organisation has decided to further extend its pilot project for conducting oral proceedings in opposition by videoconference until 31 May 2022.

Where there are serious reasons against holding the oral proceedings in opposition via video, the scheduled meetings will be postponed until June 2022.

The extension was ratified by the Decision of the President of the European Patent Office, Antonio Campinos, dated 23 November 2021.

The EPO is committed to improving the tools used for conducting oral proceedings by VICO and it will continue to raise awareness and provide additional training to interested parties so that such tools become as close as possible to direct human interaction.



Publication date
26 November 2021