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News article8 March 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

EC Publishes: New Codes of Practice for Industry-Academia Co-creation and Citizen Engagement for Knowledge Valorisation

On 5 March, the Commission has published two recommendations on a Code of Practice regarding industry-academia co-creation and citizen engagement for knowledge valorisation. These codes offer guidance to researchers and innovators, enabling them to actively collaborate with various stakeholders to collectively generate and exploit knowledge for the advancement of both the economy and society.

The Code of Practice on industry-academia provides practical guidance aimed at establishing fruitful partnerships for knowledge valorisation. It advocates for the integration of co-creation principles into an organization's strategy and emphasizes the importance of investing in skills, networking, communication, and awareness-raising initiatives. Furthermore, the code underscores the significance of creating incentives and enhancing the role of intermediaries and joint infrastructures to facilitate the translation of research findings into viable business applications.

The Code of Practice on citizen engagement offers practical guidance aimed at enhancing connections between research entities and societal actors to improve the adoption of research outcomes. It emphasises the importance of adopting a strategic approach at the organisational level, which promotes cross-sector collaboration, awareness-raising efforts, and the reinforcement of intermediaries. Additionally, the code suggests the utilization of incentives, co-creation tools, and digital solutions with a human-centric and sustainable design approach to facilitate meaningful engagement and knowledge dissemination.



Publication date
8 March 2024
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency