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News article24 August 20221 min read

EC Published: New Guiding Principles for Knowledge Valorisation

Valorising research results and scientific knowledge is key to delivering new solutions to global challenges and opportunities created under the green and digital transformation and one of the major facilitators of enhanced knowledge valorisation is proficient intellectual property (IP) management.

European Commission published new guidelines that aim to increase the social and economic value of research results aligning policy principles and measures for national, regional and local policy makers to maximize the transformation of research and innovation (R&I) results into solutions that benefit society. New guiding principles pursue to assist R&I organisations in leveraging the value of their intellectual assets and also continue to engage all relevant actors in the research and innovation ecosystem.

The guiding principles for knowledge valorisation will be further supported by two codes of practice on the smart use of intellectual property and for researchers on standardisation.



Publication date
24 August 2022