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News article31 January 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

DNPI Uruguay launches its new public search platform for trade marks and patents

The National Directorate of Industrial Property (DNPI) of Uruguay has officially launched its new public search platform for trade marks and patents, equipped with advanced search filters that allow users to access customised content based on their preferences. The platform also includes a phonetic search engine for trade marks,  which enables users to search for similarities on their own.

The new platform operates in real time, so users can download information or receive reports in their e-mail. The enhanced features also incorporate the ability to generate reports for any search criteria. In addition, the amount of visible data has been expanded to include full database information, such as associated payment receipts and logos.

With these improvements, the DNPI aims to provide a more accessible and efficient experience for those seeking information on trade marks and patents, while supporting efforts to improve transparency and usability in the field of industrial property in Uruguay.



Publication date
31 January 2024
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency