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News article11 August 20221 min read

Discover the Results of EUIPO’s 2021 Awareness Grants Projects

Last year, the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights launched a fourth call for proposals in a series already started in 2015. All calls aim to increase knowledge of the value of IP as a tool to protect creativity and innovation, and make target audiences aware of the damages caused by counterfeit products.

The latest edition placed a particular focus on raising awareness among children and youths as well as educators in schools and at the tertiary education level. In this context, grant beneficiaries have already conducted a number of workshops and events with great success. Beneficiaries presented various content, reaching from handy and easy-to-understand toolkits, instructional videos and Instagram posts on topics such as toys, gaming.

By opening up new and non-traditional channels of communication, these projects aim to connect with their audiences on their level and in their frequented online spaces, knocking on the door with a powerful message: intellectual property rights deserve to be respected and it's fun to do so!



Publication date
11 August 2022