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News article15 July 2021

A step forward: Delhi High Court creates a dedicated IP Division

A few months after the abolition of India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), the Delhi High Court has announced the creation of an Intellectual Property Division (IPD). Local experts say the constitution of such a court “will help” to fill gaps created by the ending of the IPAB, the main question remains if sufficient manpower will be allocated to ensure the new division is effective.

In response to the growing number of IP cases, the Delhi High Court dedicated IP Division (IPD)  will see special benches created to hear matters including: IP-related lawsuits, revocation of applications, cancellation of applications, appeals from the Indian IP Office, and all other proceedings that, in the past, would have been managed by the IPAB (under the various IP statutes).

After its realisation, Ranjan Narula, WTR, RNA Technology and IP Attorneys founder says it is “definitely a positive move” – but the devil will be in the details. “It remains to be seen how the IPD will be structured,” he adds.


Publication date
15 July 2021