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News article29 March 20211 min read

Changes in the trade mark law in Colombia

The new resolution 59671 of 2020 (corrected by Resolution 62571 of 2020), has modified the "Circular Única" Single Circular at SIC Colombia, in relation to the application for trade mark registration.

The main changes that are expected to take effect on , are:

- As of 5 April 2021: 2 different ways to claim color in the application for mixed, figurative, three-dimensional marks, etc. (except those of color): indicating the name of the colour; or, describing the colour using an internationally recognised identification code

- Into effect since 25 September 2020: New requirements to comply with the criterion of graphic representation in non-traditional trademark registration applications for sound, colour, position and animated marks.

Would you like to know more about the new requirements when applying for a trade mark at SIC Colombia?

To read more (in Spanish), please refer to asuntos : legales website.


Publication date
29 March 2021