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News article17 June 2022

Brazilian Parlasul commission approves Agreement for the Mutual Protection of GIs Originating in the Territories of Mercosur States Parties

Latin America

On 17 May 2022, the Parlasul Committee (Brazilian Committee in the MERCOSUR Parliament) approved the Agreement for the Mutual Protection of Geographical Indications Originating in the Territories of MERCOSUR States parties. The agreement deals with cooperation between member countries to preserve their geographical identities, which are intellectual property markers that demonstrate the origin and certify the quality of products.

This Agreement forbids, e.g. geographical indications from being registered as trade marks, unless the trade mark was applied prior to the mutual protection.

As per the Agreement, a new Committee on Geographical Indications has been created, meeting once per year.

The PARLASUR is a unicameral and citizen representation body that incorporates the parliamentary perspective to the integration process.

To read more (in Portuguese), please refer to Senado noticias.



Publication date
17 June 2022