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News article12 September 20221 min read

Brazil is closer to its accession to the Hague Agreement

The Brazilian Chamber has just approved its accession to the Hague Agreement, which will now go to the Senate. Brazil comes a step closer to become the 2nd country in Latin America (after Mexico) to enter this International Agreement. 

The Hague Agreement governs the international registration of Industrial Designs. First adopted in 1925, the Agreement effectively establishes an international system – the Hague System – that allows industrial designs to be protected in multiple countries or regions with minimal formalities. The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs provides a practical business solution for registering up to 100 designs in 77 contracting parties covering 94 countries, through the filing of a single international application.

To read more (in portuguese), please refer to the INPI's website.


Publication date
12 September 2022