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News article2 May 20221 min read

Brazil and Portugal further cooperate and discuss a provisional patent application model

On 20th April, both Portuguese and Brazilian INPIs signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation activities between the two IP Offices. Besides, another event with the theme “Provisional patents: a Portuguese model analyzed under the Brazilian reality” was held at the same time.

A provisional patent application allows inventors, who have not yet had time to submit an application that meets all formal requirements or have a lack of money, to enjoy 12 months from the filing date to apply for the conversion of the provisional application into a definitive patent application. 

Among the activities foreseen in the bilateral cooperation between Brazil and Portugal, are the exchange of experiences, the sharing of good practices, and benchmarking, in addition to other ways of exchanging knowledge. 

To read more (in Portuguese), please refer to the INPI Brazil website.


Publication date
2 May 2022