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News article17 May 20221 min read

Biennial Monitoring Report 2022 Sheds Light on Horizon Europe’s New Partnership Landscape

The new “Biennial Monitoring Report" (BMR) 2022, released yesterday by the European Commission (EC), takes a first, in-depth look at the progress of the Horizon Europe Partnership landscape.

This year's BMR aims to set up certain standards and guidelines to be able to assess and compare the status of the Partnerships in future reports. Since data on the performance of the European Partnerships in Horizon Europe is still limited, the first BMR edition also takes into account data based on Horizon 2020. Written by an independent expert group, the report explores the added value of Partnerships by providing examples of outcomes and impacts to develop a framework for reporting on and monitoring the progress made by all forms of European Partnerships. According to the report, there is clear potential for synergies and cooperation between European Partnerships across Horizon clusters and with other policy instruments at the EU and national level.

In the EC's new framework programme, Horizon Europe, the Partnerships are expected to become key in bringing the EC and private and/or public partners together to jointly address some of Europe’s most pressing challenges through concerted research and innovation initiatives. In this regard, they are expected to contribute significantly to achieving the EU’s political priorities, such as strengthening the European Research Area and advancing the green and digital transition processes.



Publication date
17 May 2022