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News article6 March 20231 min read

Ambassador of the Month: Tomasz Łyżwiński

The European IP Helpdesk team is delighted to introduce you to a member of our regional intellectual property (IP) Ambassadors each month. Our IP Ambassadors make all of our resources available to you and assist you with your IP enquiries in your native tongue.

The ambassador of this month Tomasz Łyżwiński is from Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Poland. Being a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) for 15 years, he has been supporting start-ups in identification of existing IP as well as development of an IP strategy. 

Tomasz indicated in his interview that internal interaction and cooperation with the other EEN colleagues are great opportunities in terms of sharing knowledge as well as different experiences. 

According to Tomasz, basic IP awareness is still one of the biggest issues in Poland and the importance of IP protection is not sufficiently understood. He also underlined that one of the major challenges SMEs faces with regard to IP is the cost of patent protection abroad.

Read the full interview here.



Publication date
6 March 2023