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News article15 June 20221 min read

Ambassador of the Month: Tamara Čolić Milosavljević

European IP Helpdesk Ambassadors all across Europe provide support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to deal with intellectual property (IP) inquiries in their local language and help them to integrate IP in their business strategies. The ambassador team currently has 47 ambassadors from 28 European countries.

European IP Helpdesk team has recently had an interview with the ambassador from Serbia: Tamara Čolić Milosavljević from the Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Belgrade. In her interview, she highlighted that the main focus of her work is the identification, legal protection and commercialisation of IP generated from research. She also emphasized that being a part of European IP Helpdesk Ambassador team as well as Enterprise Europe Network allows her to gain new insights that she may not have otherwise thought of, and in combination with the gained knowledge, significantly improves the quality of support she provides to others.

Tamara pointed out that the protection and commercialisation of university-generated IP, especially patents, is one of the “hot” topics in the university-industry relationships since the number of spinoffs and start-ups are increasing in Serbia. She also added that copyright protection and infringement for Information and communications technology (ICT) start-ups and SMEs as well as IP issues concerning blockchain technologies are additional buzz topics in Serbia at the moment.



Publication date
15 June 2022